Whitechapel Gallery

John Stezaker (Marketing Design)
Thomas Struth (Artworker)
Walid Raad (Marketing Design)
Limited Editions (Print Design)
WG Dining Room (Posters)


Graphic Design
Layout & Typography
Artwork and Production

Jon-Ross Le Haye (Design & Production Manager, Art Direction, Supervisor)

Print Collateral
Poster Designs
Marketing Design
Design for Press
Way-Finding Systems
London Underground Campaigns

Kabir Singh


During my time at the Whitechapel Gallery, I was tasked with assisting the Design & Production Manager on Exhibition Campaign collateral (Print and OOH), Digital design assets, Signage and Vinyl application for interpretation.

Due to the seasonal exhibition calender at the Whitechapel, I was able to assist Jon-Ross on current and up and coming exhibition material during my time there as I crossed over two seasons. Jon-Ross would direct me on what he required and I was tasked with producing concepts, ideas and print ready files from his direction. I was responsible for art-working the marketing material from the core creative he designed and flowing it across various mediums. He trusted me to design certain creative from scratch and this help develop my independant practice. 

I learnt a lot about working in the Arts at the Whitechapel. The experience created a foundation for me to work under a solid Brand Guardianship and deliver solid graphic / visual design consistently, all of the time.

Presented below are a selection of pieces I designed, collaborated on and also, ideas that developed during the design process. 



I proudly worked on design collateral for solo exhibitions  on Artists; John Stezaker, Walid Raad, Paul Graham and Thomas Struth.

Other pieces included — The Government Art Collection booklet(s) and WG Limited Editions leaflet. I assisted on signage support for gallery vinyl and on way-finding signage for The London Art Book Fair 2010.